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This past year, the market was incredibly volatile — it swings up and down. The old buy and hold just doesn't maximize the profit potential in this type of market. What's the secret to making profits during this wild ride? Professional money managers know, and you should too. Active traders have been working with options for years. You have probably seen them discussing options on CNBC, Bloomberg or other financial shows and it probably sounded a bit complicated, but it doesn't have to be hard. All you need is some basic knowledge and some great trading ideas. Exact Option Picks (EOP) delivers all of that, and more, in one simple package. And for 2019 we're giving it away for FREE! No gimmicks, No tricks, FREE! If you're an active options trader, or if you've ever dabbled in options trading before, you'll love our expert’s lively commentary and actionable ideas all designed to grow your portfolio quickly. If you're new to options, you won't believe how easy we make it to get started. We explain all the terms, we tell you how to start experimenting with trades, and we get behind the trends to explain how and why the professionals are playing the market. So whether you're an Active Trader or a newcomer to the world of options, you simply cannot afford to miss this chance to start now with ExactOptionPicks. We believe there is no better way to play this market than to understand options. And there's no better way to understand options than to gain insights from our top experts — who give you their top idea each trading day within 90 minutes of the opening bell. But here's the best part: you get access to ExactOptionPicks for FREE! That's right - we're leaving you no excuse to not try this incredible service. But we won't be able to offer this forever, so please act now and try ExactOptionPicks for FREE!

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