The EOP Advantage

Proprietary Filtering Selection Process (PFSP). Our system identifies those stocks either ready to break resistance, or fall through support.

Our system allows you to do more important things with your time than to scan through dozens of charts and unnecessary research.

Option trades sent directly to your email/mobile device.

You will never miss an alert. You will have the trade alert at the same time we release it.

Trading alerts are released within 90 minutes of the opening bell and every trade is closed on or before the 3rd trading day. ┬áNo hoping, we’re either right or we’re right out!!

Having the information at your fingertips will allow you to make the moves necessary to ensure profitability. You will also have a full accounting of all of our option plays. Unlike some services, we account for all trades, not just the winners.

Ongoing support from our customer support team.

We will answer your questions or concerns immediately.

Effortless trading. With each selection you are given the exact entry point, stop-loss level, and target price.

Whenever you incorporate a trading system you must take out the emotional aspects. Having clear cut trading guidelines helps eliminate poor trading decisions.